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Technique: Quarter Nelson
Technique: Half Nelson
Technique: 3 Quarter Nelson
Technique: Full Nelson
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Technique: Double Wrist Lock
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Technique: Half Nelson

Seeing as though I am feeling generous I have decided to give you all of the Nelson holds this month.....
....Heres the second one
April 2003



The half Nelson is a very common hold in wrestling. It is usually put on when both opponent's are on the mat but you can also use the same technique when you are stood up, so practice it from both positions.
The half Nelson is secured by passing the arm under your opponent's arm then way accross the back of his neck. This gives you a strong leverage, and by pushing your opponent's head to the mat you can work for an assistoing hold with your free hand.
This hold is not usually used alone to gain a fall but when used in a combination it can be a powerful factor in winning a match. (a strong half nelson with a crotch hold is very hard to break and usually means a fall) The half Nelson is used in no less than  20 combinations.
Practice this daily. It is very good for the neck muscles.

The Nelson Holds...
... It Catch As Catch Can wrestling the nelson holds are very important techniques to know as they allow you to control an opponent and work for a better hold. Remember to practice this from both the attacking and the defending position. This will get you good at keeping the hold and also resisting the hold when it is on you. There are 4 Nelson holds and they will all be shown on this site, so you have no excuses!

This technique is also from the Farmer Burns lessons course (along with all the other nelson holds) and has been adapted where necessary...