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Technique: Quarter Nelson
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Technique: Full Nelson
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Technique: Full Nelson

April 2003: The double or full Nelson is the final of the 4 Nelson holds...


Having studied the other Nelson holds, you will readily understand this double-Nelson. Burns' right and left arms have been suddenly thrust under the opponent's right and left arms, respectively, and the hands locked firmly back of opponent's neck.


In this hold Burns uses his famous 'finger-cover' grip, so the opponent cannot reach up and pry the hold loose by grasping Burns' thumbs and fingers. Note that the ENDS OF ALL FINGERS AND THUMBS ARE FULLY COVERED.


The double-Nelson is used frequently, but is not very certain in results, as the opponent must be turned a complete somersault in order to bring his shoulders to the mat, and while doing this the hold is apt to be broken, and besides, the aggressor's own body obstructs the operations. It is a strong hold used for tiring the opponent, while the aggressor rests, and is used for bringing the opponent into the desired position for securing a more effective hold.


This is a splendid hold to practice for development, and the student should have his companion practice it on him daily.

Adapted form "Farmer" Burns' wrestling lessons