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Catch As Catch Can Wrestling


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About Us

At the Mixed Martial Arts Institute (MMAI) we do not only study catch wrestling...

Master Danny Mitchell

Master Danny Mitchell is the head coach at the school. As well a studying catch wrestling he also holds a black belt in  kickboxing and trains in jeet kune do, filipino kali, brazilian ju jitsu, submission fighting, muay thai and jun fan along with many other additional arts.
The main art taught at the school is hybrid kickboxing, which blends muay thai, western boxing, filipino panantukan, kickboxing and self defence. The school was only set up late in 2002 and the 'real' teaching and training has just begun (March 2003). We hope to expand our arts and also help other people expand theirs.

Catch wrestling at the MMAI

March 2003 has been the time when catch wrestling (or the idea of it at least) has been introduced into the school. Lessons are not really taught at the school but catch wrestling is trained there. This may sound weird but basically if you want to wrestle you can, and if you pick up some moves doing it then all the better, so its just sparring for the people who 'know a bit'. I have personally taken an interest in catch so set up this site to share info on catch wrestling with others like me.  

Mixed Martial Arts Institute, Thorne, Doncaster