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Catch As Catch Can Wrestling


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Catch Principles

Here are some of the principles in catch wrestling. Learning these is as important as learning the techniques themselves...

Basic Principles

- always keep your elbows in
- control your opponents hips
- control your opponents head
- control your opponets breathing
- keep your center of gravity lower than his is possible
- minimize space when in a superior position
- create space when in a inferior position
- always think ahead, have a plan for every scenario
- have an emergency plan for failed 'hook' attempts
- make life miserable for the bottom guy (poke, scratch, elbow, knee, punch etc.)
- make the bottom guy carry all your weight
- think before you act
- attack and control your opponent at angles, not straight on
- know your own body
and finally,
- know that your fight is won in the gym and not in the ring (which means train hard!)

Core Techniques
Here is a list of just some of the core techniques which are believed to be a must have for any wrestler, whether you are a beginner or an advanced student:
- front choke (known as guillotine in MMA)
- rear choke
- toe hold
- heel hook
- double wrist lock
- nelson holds
- hammer lock