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Technique: Quarter Nelson
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Technique: Quarter Nelson

Every month we will post a new technique from catch wrestling. Heres the first one...Enjoy!!!
April 2003



Nelson holds, of which there are many, comprise of a hold where one or both of your hands are under the opponen's arm or arms and across the neck.

In the quarter Nelson one hand is placed across the opponents neck, while your hand is passed under his arm and your own wrist grasped firmly. This hold can be used to turn your opponent over to a fall, providing you give him no chance to turn or roll out of it. It is usually employed to roll the opponent into a position for securing a better and more effective hold for completing the fall.


          Keep the hold firm and strong, and your knee against opponents body so he will not duck and roll away from you.


          Practice this hold from both sides. Have your companion practice it on you, while you try to break it and get away.


In order to make progress in the learning of catch wrestling you must put in some 'real work'. This is not easy and there are no shortcuts. You just have to practice and PRACTICE HARD!

Train this with a friend (or enemy!). Get them in this hold and allow them to strugle. Practice until you can easily secure and keep the hold. Then have your partner practice the hold on you. It will not only make your partner better but will allow you to practice resisting the hold and escaping from it.

This technique was adapted from the Farmer Burns book on Wrestling and Physical Culture...